Loch Ness – Inverness to Fort Augustus

nessmapStretching for 23 miles, Loch Ness is said to contain a volume of water greater than all the lakes and waterways of England and Wales put together. Room for a few mysteries perhaps?

The controversy over the Loch Ness monster is far from settled and surprising discoveries have recently been made concerning the Loch and its creatures. You are quite likely to see the research craft of the current Loch Ness Project in action, and at Drumnadrochit the Loch Ness 2000 Exhibition Centre offers a multi-media look at Loch Ness and its mysteries.

Half way between Drumnadrochit and Dochgarroch at the end of Loch Ness you might want to stop at the Clansman Harbour and visit the Clansman Hotel and Restaurant, with its panoramic views over the loch and hills. (Overnight mooring charge).

The village of Drumnadrochit with its hotels, restaurants and shops can be easily reached from Urquhart Bay Harbour. From here you can also visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle, where there is a visitor centre & coffee shop. There is also a jetty for cruisers at Urquhart Castle (no overnight mooring).

On the South side of the loch there is a pier at Foyers. From here you can walk up to the village of Foyers and view the famous falls. The pier here is only suitable for use in calm conditions though – in a NE wind there may be too much swell to lie alongside comfortably.

Make sure you find time to look round Fort Augustus, in the ‘heart of the Highlands’. Visit the Caledonian Canal Heritage Centre, Fort Augustus Abbey or the Rare Breeds Park. Fort Augustus also boasts several good places to eat, from the local chip shop to up-market restaurants.