Birds and Wildlife in the Great Glen

You will be cruising through an area rich in wildlife, from the familiar swans to the elusive otter.

Along the waterside you are likely to see a grey heron standing motionless waiting for its supper or stalking its prey. Other birds you are likely to see here include the familiar mute swan, the oystercatcher, a soaring buzzard or, if you are very lucky, the magnificent osprey plunging to carry off a fish.

In the woodlands that run alongside the waterway you will see remnants of the old Caledonian forest. Scotland is home to 75% of Britain’s red squirrel population, so keep an eye open for these playful little fellows, while the big trees of these forests provide nesting areas for some big birds such as the buzzard and osprey. Three kinds of deer live in these woodlands – the bigger Red deer, the Roe deer and the imported Sika deer.

The photographs for this page (excluding the header image) were taken by renowned wildlife photographer Bill Jackson.