Canal Fees

From next season (2018)  season, Scottish Canals have introduced a canal fee for all hire vessels on the Caledonian Canal. The charge of between £8 and £10 per night (depending on the boat you have hired), will apply to  all our vessels.

This modest charge gives access to all Scottish Canals transit pontoons and jetties, passage through all locks and bridges and access to all the Scottish Canals toilet and shower facilities along the canal. The fee will also include overnight berthing in Urquhart Bay Harbour (near Drumnadrochit) on Loch Ness.

The canal fees will be included in your final invoice. If you have to cancel your holiday for any reason (prior to the start date), the canal fee will be refunded.


The fee per vessel is shown below:

Kingfisher, Braemore, Curlew, Capri, Cygnet, all yachts £8
Teal, Countess, Consul, Muntain Star, Clipper, Crusader, Caprice £9
Classique, Elegance, Magnifique, Royal Star £10